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"As clergy, faith leaders, and people of faith from a wide spectrum of faiths, we affirm the sanctity of life by endorsing laws and policies that provide access to comprehensive reproductive medicine, including access to safe and legal abortion care, for women and families, and medically-accurate, age-appropriate sex education for teens.

"Clergy and people of faith were at the forefront of advocacy at the beginnings of the family planning movement in the United States, just as religious leaders are today. With anti-abortion groups now receiving much attention, we disassociate ourselves from these restrictive voices and bear witness to the diversity in religious teaching regarding the purpose of our intimacy. We recognize that no single religious leader speaks for all people of faith and we protest the enshrinement of any faith strictures as public policy. We affirm the value of new life when we protect the capacity of the woman to determine her proper time to become a mother.

"Many of our respective faith teachings and nationally endorsed denominational statements call for access to sex education, contraception and abortion care. What is more, the clergy experience providing pastoral counsel to women and families demonstrates the spirituality in the process of consulting with a medical provider and arriving at a personal conclusion about reproduction. Above all, uninvited religious leaders and government officials have no business imposing their personal faith strictures or religious definitions of medical services into the laws of the land or the private lives of women and families. Rather, people need medically accurate information, the opportunity for personal deliberation in accordance with their own moral codes, faith beliefs and consciences and access to the level of care they believe is right for them. Conscience is the moral high ground.

"We value real religious liberty which upholds the right of each person to make their own faith-based or conscience-based healthcare decisions. We join our clergy predecessors and people of faith in the past in advocacy for laws and policies that safeguard and strengthen access to reproductive medicine. And, we stand by the work of women’s health centers, including Planned Parenthood, for providing quality and affordable medical care and comprehensive sex education so vital to the well-being of our communities."


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Rabbi Jon Adland | PPFA Clergy Advocacy Board | Canton, OH

Rev. Scott W. Alexander | Unitarian Universalist | Vero Beach, FL

Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey | Metropolitan Community Church of the Palm Beaches| Palm Beach Springs | FL

Rev. Kierstin Allen | Unitarian Universalist | Orlando, FL

Rev. Dr.  Kharma R. Amos | Metropolitan Community Churches | Tallahassee, FL

Rev. Anne R. Atwell | MCC | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rev Marcella Auld Glass | Presbyterian Church (USA) | Boise, ID

Rev. Tracie Barrett | Unitarian Universalist | Eustis, FL

Reverend Margaret L. Beard | All Faiths Unitarian Congregation | Fort Myers, FL

Reverend Susan Berryman | Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake County | Eustis, FL

Rev. Dr. Wes Bixby | United Church of Christ | Sarasota, FL

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Burns | New Day MCC of Naples | Naples, FL

Rabbi Harold Caminker | Reform Judaism | Venice, FL

Intern Minister Rachel Christensen | First Unitarian Church of Orlando | Orlando, FL

Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Claus | Unitarian Universalist Association | Miami, FL

Rev. Jhon Correa | Faith Lutheran Church | Lehigh Acres, FL

Rev. Dr. John H. Danner |Sanibel United Church of Christ |Sanibel | FL

Reverend Mary Louise DeWolf | Unitarian Universalist Association | Crystal River, FL

Rabbi Rose Durbin | Temple Judea Palm Beach Gardens | Palm City, FL

Rabbi Matthew Durbin | Temple Beit Hay Am | Palm City, FL

Rev Kelly Durbin | Metropolitan Community Churches | Port Charlotte, FL

The Rev. Dr. Laurie Etter | United Church of Christ | Sarasota, FL

Rev. Allison Farnum | Unitarian Universalist | Fort Myers, FL

Rev. Elder Diane Fisher | Metropolitan Community Church | Tallahassee, FL

Reverend Tony Fisher | Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples |Naples | FL

Reverend Roger Fritts | Unitarian Universalist | Sarasota, FL

Reverend Ron Garner | United Church of Christ | Wantagh, NY

Reverend Dee (Edith) Graham | Unitarian Universalist | Bradenton, FL

The Rev. Jeri Gray-Reneberg | Lutheran/Episcopal | McKinleyville, CA

Rev. Dr. Marni Harmony | Unitarian Universalist | Orlando, FL

Rev. Margaret E. (Peggy) Howland | Presbyterian Church (USA) | Orlando, FL

The Reverend Kenneth Gordon Hurto | Unitarian Universalist Association | Fort Myers, FL

Rev. Montanna L. Jones | Universal Life Church | Eureka, CA

Reverend David F. Judd | St Marks Presbyterian Church | Altamonte Springs, FL

Rev. Dr.  Daniel C. Kanter | Unitarian Universalist | Dallas, TX

Rabbi Judith Kempler | Jewish | Miami, FL  

Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran | Unitarian Universalist | Gainesville, FL

Reverend Amy Kindred | Unitarian Universalist | Port Charlotte, FL

Rabbi Emeritus Ralph  Kingsley | Temple Sinai of North Dade | Miami, FL

Rev. Dr. Kathleen L. Kircher | Episcopal Church | Naples, FL

The Rev. Jennifer M. Kopacz | Evangelical Lutheran Church in America | Tallahassee, FL

Rev. Kathleen Korb | Unitarian Universalist Association | Pinellas Park, FL

Reverend Brock Leach | Unitarian Universalist | Sarasota, FL

Rabbi Michal Loving | Reform Judaism | Coral Springs, FL

Rabbi Nicole Luna | Reform Judaism | Fort Myers, FL

Rev. Dr. Marvin A. Marsh | American Baptist Churches in the USA | King of Prussia, PA

Rev. Jody Mask | Presbyterian Church (USA) | Winter Park, FL

Rev. Leigh G. McCaffrey | First United Church of Christ | Orlando, FL

Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt | Metropolitan Community Church | Pensacola, FL

Rev. Robert Francis Murphy | Unitarian  Universalist | Tarpon Springs, FL

Rabbi Fred Natkin | Temple Mateh Chaim | Boynton Beach, FL

 Jon O'Brien | Catholics for Choice | Washington, DC, Washington, DC

Reverend Dorothy Okray | United Methodist Church | Sarasota, FL

Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein | Reform Judaism | West Palm Beach, FL

The Reverend Janet Onnie | Tri-County Unitarian Universalists | Summerfield, FL

Rev. Patricia A. Owen | Unitarian Universalist | Tampa, FL

Reverend Ellen Palmer Marsey | United Church of Christ | Sarasota, FL

Reverend Bernice Powell Jackson | United Church of Christ | Tampa, FL

Reverend Elena L. Rigg | Unitarian Universalist | Atlantic Beach, FL

The Reverend Harris Riordan | The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton | Boca Raton, FL

Rev. Jeffrey Rivera | St. Cloud, FL

Rabbi Dennis S. Ross | Reform Judaism | Albany, NY

The Reverend Canon Susan Russell | PPFA Clergy Advocacy Board | Pasadena, CA

Dr. Scott L. Sattler | Universal Sufism | Eureka, CA

Rev. Kathy Schmitz | First Unitarian Church of Orlando | Orlando, FL

Rev. Bruce Seaman | Fairfield Presbyterian Church | Fairfield, FL

Rev Dr Jeanette Sherrill | First Congregational UCC | Bradenton, FL

Rev. Elder Dr. Candace R. Shultis | Metropolitan Community Churches | St. Petersburg, FL

Humanist Chaplain & Celebrant William Edward Smithson | American Humanist Society | Hobe Sound, FL

Rabbi Myra Soifet | Reform Judaism | Reno, NV

Humanist Celebrant Roberta Synal | Humanists of the Treasure Coast | Stuart, FL

Rev. Dr. Dawson B. Taylor | United Church of Christ | Naples, FL

Rev Kevin L. Tisdol | Sunshine Cathedral | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Rev. Khleber M. Van Zandt V | Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Venice | Venice, FL

Rev. Laura Viau | Presbyterian Church (USA) | Orlando, FL

Rev. Archie B. Wainright | Unitarian Universalist | S. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Rev. Dr. Bruce Wismer | Presbyterian Church (USA) | Sarasota, FL


Faith Leaders and People of Faith:

Ginger Abraham | Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County | Port Charlotte, FL

Fatima Aitrami | Islam | FL

Kayla Alamilla | Person of Faith | Naples, FL

Amanda Alvarado | Metropolitan Community Church | Austin, TX

Alex Andrew |Apopka, FL

Alina Astor | Catholic |  Clermont, FL

Mary Baxton- Joseph|Buddhist |Sarasota, FL

Wesley Beggs |  Sarasota, FL

Elizabeth I Bercaw | Unitarian Universalist | Dania Beach, FL

Kerianne Cardiff | First United Methodist Church of Melbourne | Satellite Beach, FL

Evelyn Chiland | Unitarian Universalist | Maitland, FL

Priscilla Chism | National Cathedral/Episcopalian | St Petersburg, VA

Karen Cohen | Jewish | Osprey, FL

Fran Collier | United Church of Christ | Sarasota, FL  

Sammy Conde | United Church of Christ | Winter Park, FL

Rosa de Jesus | Catholic | Orlando, FL

Blaire DiGennaro | Catholic | Orlando, FL

Maureen Flammer | Person of Faith | Kingsmere, FL

Kathy Fraser | United Church of Christ |Osprey, FL

Amber Frauman | Catholic | Orlando, FL

Minerva Glidden | Quaker | Orlando, FL

Jessica Gottsleben | Person of Faith | North Lauderdale, FL

Christine Hanavan | Catholic | Winter Springs, FL

Kathryn Harvey | Pagan | Palm Harbor, FL

Nancy Hughes | Episcopal | Lakewood Ranch, FL

John Keating | None | Orlando, FL

Kathleen Grace Keating |Methodist | Orlando, FL

Kingman Fox Keating | Protestant | Orlando, FL

Lisa Keating | Methodist | Orlando, FL

Virginia Caroline Keating | Methodist | Orlando, FL

Kathleen Keating | Methodist | Orlando, FL

Martha D. Kirby | Unitarian Universalist | Orlando, FL

Arlene Knox | Humanism | Fort Myers, FL

C. Joie Kohl | Unitarian Universalist | Orlando, FL

Christine Laning | Winter Park, FL

Katharine Lannamann | Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota| Osprey, FL

Sharon Lastrapes Myers | Catholic | Winter Park, FL

Ann Liggett | Unitarian Universalist | Sarasota, FL

Janet Line | Lutheran | Orlando, FL

Sara J. Little | First Congregational UCC | Sarasota, FL

Sar Lotti | Person of Faith | Orlando, FL

Barbara Luehring | Episcopalian | Sarasota, FL

Cheryl Mahan | Presbyterian Church (USA) | Merritt Island, FL

Melissa Mann | Unity | Orlando, FL

Michelle Paccione | Person of Faith |Palm Harbor, FL

Carole Martin | Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota | Sarasota, FL

Zoreed Mukhtar | None | Orlando, FL

Sara Myers | Presbyterian Church of the Covenant | Nokomis, FL

Dr. Lana Nguyen | St Petersburg, FL

Jan Omans | Jewish | Winter Park, FL

Janet Onnie | Tri-County Unitarian Universalists |Summerfield, FL

Laura Owens | Unitarian Universalist | Winter Springs, FL

J. Ward Pallotta | Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota | Sarasota, FL

Katherine Parry | University Unitarian Universalist | Oviedo, FL

Kara Parsons | person of faith | Orlando, FL

Sandra B. Phelps | United Church of Christ | University Park, FL

Susan Raines | United Church of Christ | Bradenton, FL

Kristina Ramos| Orlando, FL

Socorro Ramos-Avilés | Buddhist | Orlando, FL

Carol Ray | Methodist | Osprey, FL

Monice Readus | AME Church | Melbourne Beach, FL

Bridget Roemmich | Unitarian Universalist | Weston, FL

Anita Sallas | Catholic | Orlando, FL

Lisa Santoni Cromar | Person of Faith | Longwood, FL

Betty Schattschneider | United Church of Christ | Sarasota, FL

Denise Scheppe | Community Member | Naples, FL

Emily Scoville | Christian |Longwood, FL

Clare Segall | Temple Emanuel-el | Sarasota, FL

Amany Shalaby | Islam | Orlando, FL

Barbara Shaver | Frist Congregational UCC | Sarasota, FL

Pamela Siderski | Buddhist | Venice, FL

Sara Slate | Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota | Sarasota, FL

Cormac Smith | Person of Faith | Orlando, FL

Patricia Stubkjaer | Person of Faith |Gulfport, FL

Hope Tera | Unitarian Universalist | Clearwater, FL

Nancy Terreri | Person of Faith | Ft. Myers, FL

Bob and Ann Tirk | Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota | Sarasota, FL

Ardith Tofteland | ELCA | Naples, FL

Nina W. Tortelli | Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota | Sarasota, FL

Lynnsey Trantham |Church of God| Lake Wales, FL

Jackie Tschanz | Methodist | Miami, FL

Aurora Walker |Presbyterian Church (USA) | Lakeland, FL

JJ Walcutt | Person of Faith |Oviedo, FL

Theo Webster | United Church of Christ (FCCWP) | Orlando, FL

Eleanor Weiss | United Church of Christ | Sarasota, FL

Todd Weller | Christian |Englewood, FL

Tom Whitten | Activist | Sarasota, FL

Deana Widder | Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota | Sarasota, FL

Martha Williamson | Secular Humanist | Winter Park, FL

Donna Windsor | Agnostic Humanist| Lakeland, FL

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